What We Do at Pennington Models, LLC

model-consulting-vpmtmPennington Models is always scouting for new faces. Looking for models, actors, singers, dancers, and production team members. To find out what area you best fit, please refer to the contact page on our website. Pennington Models will carefully review your photos and information, then contact you at our earliest convenience.

Pennington Models has talent and clients based all over the United States and abroad.

Our focus is to find fresh face talent. We provide the talent with options of coaching, photographers, and connections to build their portfolios and book jobs. Pennington Models is a model scouting and development agency that is connected to all the top clients within the entertainment industry.

We have had many success stories, and you could be the next! From television, to film, to models traveling around the Globe, Pennington Models  has become a staple in the South within the industry as one of the top scouting and development agencies.

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