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about-victoria-pennington-5Victoria Pennington’s modeling career began at 14 years old, after being discovered as a fresh face by a photographer one afternoon at a local Mall.  Later at the age of 15 she would meet the famed photographer Beth Boldt  (Boldt has discovered and developed notable models and celebrities Ashton Kutcher and Naomi Campbell).  Making headlines in Huntsville, AL as a promising young model, Victoria was then signed with Fashion Models , Milan and Next Models, New York.

Victoria burst onto the Milan’s fashion scene and worked with such famed designers as Armani, Gian Franco Ferre, and Versace to name a few.  Being a young girl from Alabama with no prior modeling experience she intensely observed and taught herself to perform as a seasoned veteran of the modeling world.  During her 1st year in Italy she also taught herself 2 different dialects of Italian, which would help her secure even more work.  Victoria’s ability to promote herself as a brand, landed her on the top reality show in Europe “Grande Fratello” (Big Brother Italy).  She would go on to win the heart of Italy, and was given her own travel show called “On the Road”.   The show was filmed all over the US and aired on Italian TV.  Victoria also co-hosted 2 more television shows “Buona Domenica” and “Verrissimo”on the TV station Mediaset as well.

Currently Victoria is living back in America residing in North Alabama, yet still traveling often scouting for talent all of the United States. Moving to the South inspired her to open the company, Pennington Models. She realized the limited amount of access into the industry for aspiring talent. This inspired her to open an agency that focuses on development, and placement for aspiring talent working one-on-one with them. Her ambitious nature and knowledge of the fashion industry that pushed her to the pinnacle of a modeling and TV career is what gives her the "eye for raw talent." In January of 2014 Victoria Pennington began photography. After 6 years of teaching photographers how to transition their "eye" from wedding photography to fashion photography, Victoria decided to begin taking pictures of her talent herself. Victoria has now become a well recognized photographer within the South shooting for various agencies, musical groups, and actors.
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